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  • Where are the Free Fridges located?
    We currently have six fridge locations, here is a map to reference and these are their addresses: 2nd Street Fridge (Fridge (NO FREEZER) & pantry) - 1710 E. 2nd Street Brentwood Social House (Fridge (NO FREEZER)& pantry) - 1601 W Koenig Ln. Dittmar Fridge (Fridge (NO FREEZER) & pantry) - 618 W. Dittmar Rd. Dove Springs Fridge (Fridge (NO FREEZER) & pantry) - 6708 Ripple Run Rd. Nixta Fridge (Fridge (NO FREEZER) & pantry) - 2512 E 12th St. West Campus -behind Pearl St. Co-op (Fridge(NO FREEZER) & pantry) - 2000 Pearl St.
  • How/What can I donate?
    Anything from fresh produce, prepared meals, canned goods, nonperishable items, fruits and veggies grown in yards and gardens, are welcome. We like to encourage healthy, nutrient dense foods but we welcome snacks of all kinds. It is crucial that prepared meal contributions are individually portioned, labeled with common allergens/ dietary needs (ex., nuts, gluten, vegetarian, dairy, etc.) and dated for everyone's safety. You can also donate more than food: pet supplies, hygiene products, and clothing are also welcomed. We DO NOT accept open or expired food (different from sell by), raw meat, or alcohol!
  • Why don't you accept raw meat/expired and opened food/alcohol?
    While we agree that some dates may not accurately reflect the precise dates that food goes bad, we still have to consider the well-being of those who utilize our fridges. We don’t want people who visit our fridges to be gambling on whether the food they’re eating will be safe to eat. We also try to comply with food safety guidelines so that we don’t put the entire project at risk of getting shut down. Above all we are trying to provide free dependably safe food and keep our community healthy
  • Can I donate as a food business?
    Yes, the community depends on businesses like yours to help keep the fridges stocked. The recently passed Food Donation Improvement Act extended the liability protection of the business to donate food directly to "individuals in need” without having to go through a nonprofit intermediary. Proper labeling is still required. We ask that you list what the food is, the date it was prepared/ donated, and any common allergens it may contain (i.e., “lasagna: contains gluten, dairy 4/20”).
  • How can I contribute financially?
    To be completely transparent we use Open Collective as our fiscal host. You can contribute here. !!We will NEVER ask for venmo, paypal, or zelle contributions!!
  • Do I have to sign up?
    Technically, No! The beauty of mutual aid and ATX FF is that you show up and participate in whatever capacity you can, whenever you can. HOWEVER - we do ask that folks sign-up to clean fridges so it’s easier to keep track of when the last time someone went by. Outside of cleaning and stocking we have other ways to participate and some ways require more information and contact with ATX FF organizers. If you don’t feel comfortable jumping right in, or want to learn more about the other ways you can volunteer, fill out our Volunteer Form and we’ll be in touch.
  • What is mutual aid?
    Mutual Aid is the voluntary exchange of resources and services between community members to provide support for those who need it, with the shared understanding that the systems we live in are not meeting our needs and that we can work together to meet them.
  • Are you a non-profit?
    No! ATX Free Fridge Project is based on principles of community mutual aid. This means that we take care of each other! If you are in a place of abundance, feel free to donate. If you are in need, take what will nourish you. The fridges are here for all of us to help build community solidarity - not charity.
  • Who runs this org?
    Volunteers! No one gets paid to do this- we are currently a small group of community members keeping this mutual aid effort alive. We need your help to grow community and ownership around each location to keep them full and thriving.
  • Is this legal?
    We think so! We’ve been around for three years and haven’t run into any major issues yet (fingers crossed). Here is a more legitimate reference if needed: The Food Donation Improvement Act extended the liability protection of the business to donate food directly to "individuals in need” without having to go through a nonprofit intermediary (we think that you could argue that by putting the food in the free fridges is distributing directly to individuals in need). Proper labeling is still “required”.
  • What do you use monetary contributions for?
    We use monetary contributions for purchasing and maintaining fridges, materials/labor for shelter builds, fridge stocking.
  • Press requests?
    OMG, WE’RE FAMOUS! Please email we’ll do our best to get back to you within a few days.
  • I have a fridge I wanna donate. Do y’all accept fridge donations?
    Thank you for thinking of us! We rarely accept fridge donations because there is SO MUCH to account for in keeping a fridge running the TX heat. At the moment we will only accept working and recently serviced industrial fridges.
  • What do I do with open/expired food?
    Please don’t donate open or expired food to the fridges. Give with care and in a condition that you yourself would want to receive something. If you go to clean or stock a fridge location and find open or expired food (womp womp) please remove it from the location and dispose of it onsite or take it with you to throw away at home.
  • Will you share my go fund me?
    We do not share mutual aid requests, go fund me campaigns, or fundraising efforts that we aren’t directly involved with. The Austin Mutual Aid Facebook group can probably help! Best of luck 💜
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